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Journal update

I have found a very interesting website here on LJ, it's called Supernatural Story Finders. I find myself visiting this site alot, because i luv reading the stories on there. I think that i'm hooked, lol. ;) :)

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

I hate Valentine's day, and the reason I hate it because I don't have that special someone to celebrate it with. I think Valentine's day SUCKS! I did like it once when i had somebody, but he turned out to be a jerk!

I'm Back

I'm back on the internet once again, we just got our cable and internet back on, it's been so long since we been on internet. I'm so glad to be back on the Net, and guess what? i finally have my own computer... yayy :) :).

Very funny mpreg fic

I just got done read this fic called An Ego That Could Fill the Grand Canyon, which it was written by magos186, it's a Mpreg story, and it was so funny. You all should check this story out, it can be found on the Mpreg Winchester community.

Favorite mpreg site

Here's my favorite mpreg site:


I love going on this site, it has such great Sam/Dean mpreg stories, there is also another Sam/Dean website that i find myself going visiting frequently, it's called Sam/Dean Slash Archive :: Supernatural Fanfiction you can go here to check it out, there are such great stories on there.

Justin/Nick story

Here's a gr8 Justin/Nick MPreg story, you can go here to read it.

I love this story, it gave me a WAFF (warm and fuzzy feeling) all over.

Numbers of communites i joined

I have now joined 4 communities, which they are:

boy_touching (except I'm not a member of it yet, 'cos the moderators have to approve my request, which i hope they do.)

I will try and particpate in these communities, because I don't like to join communities and not participate in them, i mean i'm not all about spamming in communities i join. I'm like to be an active member.

Update journal

I added a baby theme to my journal, since my journal is about MPreg. I even joined two MPreg communities, and i'm going to join many more of them.